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March 25 2017

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Midge in Diner Flash

March 16 2017

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Gyo & Toy Chica

Young Gyo enjoying his first day as junior security at fazbear's pizzaria.
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X-Mas: Gyo & Roberta Tubbs and the Mall Elves

I did this back in x-mas 2016.
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Gyo & Neighbor Lady

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So the results from the strawpoll are in and “release in parts” was at a pretty steady 70% the whole time. Not a lot of people voted, so those numbers might be off but I got a lot of useful feedback regardless!

Here’s the first animation in the series. My first animation with three girls! I was kind of testing the waters with this one. Originally, there was more than two angles, but they just highlighted all the mistakes I made while animating :( 

Mixtape: 1 2
Webmshare: 1 2

Imgur’s uploader has apparently changed and it messes up the loop so I won’t be using it! 

(I’ll put a link to the next animation here when I’m done rendering) 

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March 15 2017

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EDIT: Fixed something.
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March 14 2017

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Lincoln and Rita get Loud
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Gym Teacher & Susan Frankenstein

Based on a pic by Noill

July 09 2015


June 25 2015

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A Drawthread Request.

Based on Shadman's Dark Gold pic 

June 11 2015

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Mrs. Danuza from Jorel's Brother 

A Drawthread Request, this awesome milf rocks the chun-li leg pose in the buff.

May 16 2015

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There was a buncha requests for the various kanker sisters, so here!

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May 12 2015

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Donnie's Rebound
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Tifa Lockhart & Denzel from Final Fantasy

A Commission

April 30 2015

Pure Awesomeness

And Retro too ^_^
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Betty Booped!
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April 21 2015

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Patty Donner 
from The Cleveland Show

April 20 2015

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Numbuh 5 & Cree

Colored by Oddrich, Big Thanks dude. ^_^
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April 13 2015

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Mac and his Teacher from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
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Dr. Jean Poole Bukkake

I asked for this from a artist name HORS (House Of the Rising Sun).

Here we have the good doctor more than willing to satisfy 4 of the World's Most Manliest Men, The Ripping Friends
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